Apr. 9th, 2005

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Weekend. Blaaaaaaaah!

Pitre told me almost explicitly that I'm his favourite student. :P He was telling me how I probably won't get the award for the class, because it's purely based on marks, and I have more of a social life than others do, but that if it was subjective, I would win. Hahahaha. Hilarious. I kick your ass.

Went to Greg's tonight. Watched Dragonheart, and then played Perfect Dark. I ended up not losing completely... although that might have been because we were playing on the same team. But a couple of times, I actually beat him on the kill count. Hahahahaha... What a game. ^_~

Home now. Should sleep soon, I have lots to do tomorrow.
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mmm sleepy.

I have to work today. Boooooourns.

And Diana expects me to make more questions. But, uh, WHEN. gad. I made the number she wanted on time, and now she wants me to make more when I don't have the time? >.<

I asked her yesterday if she wanted me to do anything else. She said no. I had time last night to do the questions. And I'll try to do them now. But really, if she wanted me to do more, she should have told me YESTERDAY.

I need more coffee.


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