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It seems I only post here when crazy things happen to me.

Of coffee, booze, and 911. )
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So, it's Valentine's Day. It's odd, you know... When I'm single on Valentine's, I tend to be bitter and resentful and call it the Hallmark Holiday. When I'm with someone, I'm totally apathetic towards it. :P It's just odd that people celebrate an originally Catholic holiday (the only saint's day that really gets noted anymore) about marriage by buying expensive presents and doing nice things for people. Oh well. My mom sent me a giant stuffed pink heart in the mail. Sweet, but I threw up a little in my mouth.

My Valentine's started off with me calling the boy. To gloat. Because last night, he said it wasn't going to snow, that the weather reports were lying, and that he would call me in the morning to gloat about the lack of snow. And then it snowed a bunch. So I called him to gloat. :P We're such romantics.

Talking about the boy. And me being damaged goods :P )

I finished the coursepack readings for religions last night. I still need to read in the textbook. And I need to work on my poli sci essay. Once I get the outline done, though, it shouldn't take me too long. Two hours, probably, once the outline is finished. We'll see how it goes.
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Just 'cause I can...

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So, yes. EORYP is done. My first cabinet position. It went pretty well, our bill got lots of debate and such... Dance was awesome, I think I made a total fool of myself, but I think people, if they didn't enjoy the dancing/flailing, enjoyed laughing at me, so yay! Also, there were a couple of highlights. I must learn all the moves to the Time Warp by March, including the moves not actually in the dance... as in, the actual steps to Columbia's tap dance. :P

So, yeah, I'm exhausted. And apparently, I was scheduled to work today. Um, I booked it off. I got my Friday and Saturday off, so eff you all.

New icon!

Aug. 26th, 2005 10:42 am
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Just to show off the new icon I got.

From here.

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Okay people. Just in case anyone desperately needs me today or most of tomorrow, I'm warning you, I'll be gone. Yeah, going to Toronto for a wedding. Anyways.

I should be back tomorrow around 5. And if you really really REALLY need to get in touch with me, I have my cell. But it's expensive. And I can't see what could be THAT important.
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Okay everyone.

Due to a creep named Max, who apparently reads this, this journal will now be going friends-only.

If you need to be added to my friends list, leave a comment.
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Shoebox. *sigh* I love updates. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and worried because I'm in love with a fictional character. Not even just fictional. FANfictional. <3 Sirius.

So, my internet has been down since last Thursday. I'm not going into everything that's happened since then. The only thing I'm going to talk about right now... SENIOR BOYS RUGBY OFF TO OFSAA! YAY! I feel like I had such a big part in that. :P But I can't go because I'm not a boy. :( It sucks a lot, but oh well. I'll still go see them Sunday when they leave.

Tomorrow, my wisdom teeth are coming out. That's right, boys, no more freeloading in my mouth! :P I'm a little nervous... although I think I'm more worried about the IV pain than the pain of the surgery right now. :P I mean, I get painkillers to deal with that! But the IV is a needle without painkillers. It gives me painkillers. Hee. I'm so energetic right now, it's retarded.

So, yeah. Who wants to come visit me? :P
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Booooooooo. Carrie won. *sigh* Not Bo. I love Bo. BUT. I got to see Constantine sing again today. I've missed him sooooooo a lot. Hee.

Still say it's a race between Constantine and Bo. Whoever gets here first, I will have his children.

So, today was pretty decent. I woke up at about 10, ate waffles, and then watched Saved!. Such a funnyass movie. I loved it SO much. Rare that I like a happy ending like I liked the ending in that movie. :)

And then I went downtown to meet Sofie, Erica and Shawn. On the way, I walked by my school, and the teachers were just hanging out in the back. :P Ghobril had his car parked at the back, and the trunk was open, and the music was blaring. :P So funny.

Anyhow, I met those lovely people. Sofie belted Happy Birthday to me on Rideau street. :P AND I got a Dinky Dino. But I think it's about to die... it went to bed hungry. UH OH.

Anyways. I came back home, and then tanned, and it was LOVELY. And then it was dinner (uneventful), and then dessert. Uh oh. Our ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins had dust all over it. It was really, really gross. So, we took it back, and the guy was a total asshole. He tried to take another cake out of the fridge and show us that it wasn't covered in dust, which must mean our cake wasn't either. Uh, yeah. That's like giving us a car with a dent in the door, and then showing us another car that doesn't have a dent in it, and claiming that it means our car is fine. The dust was visible. So, we got our money back, but no apologies. And then we went to DQ and got a cake and it was delicious.

Um, yeah. So, that's about my day. Tomorrow, I have to go to school. Aw. BUT there's a rugby game tomorrow, hurrah! GO COUGARS WHAT WHAT!
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Does anyone else hate feeling like you've done something wrong, but you don't know what it is, and you'd really like to fix it and make things better, but you're afraid of bringing it up with the person you think is mad at you in case they're not and then you feel hyper-sensative and melodramatic?


So, my birthday party at my dad's was tonight... Got a little swag. But now I'm really bored and it sucks because I have no school tomorrow. Bah. I wanted to go out tonight.

Carly: Tomorrow? Your place or mine? I have to be home for about 4pm, so... what time?
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First, a story... )

So. Schools close on my birthday due to a strike. You might all be thinking, "Damn, I wish that happened to ME!" No. No you don't. I am SO screwed as far as exams go. Okay. So, it might be nice to have some time to work on summatives... but at the same time, all the sports teams are gone, we're losing out on time for review, and all that crap... Bah.

And it really sucks, because guess what? You think the school board is hurt by the fact that we can't go to school? You think they're really going to give a huge shit? No. No, they don't. How long are we going to be locked out for?

I wonder if there's a way to get teachers to do stuff by correspondance... Maybe I'll ask tomorrow.

EDIT: Also... Why do the schools have to close the day AFTER most of my life is due?
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Just so that you can feel good about yourself:

Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel.

So, went over to Kyle's last night... Played some hide and seek in the rain, and some asshole, and some bullshit, and some spit... Good times, good times.

[livejournal.com profile] perigryn, check your messages if you read this before I talk to you.
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Okay. So, after the midgits post, I'm going to make a semi real one, but it's sort of stream of conciousness sometimes I think.

Why are ANY McDonald's closed on Saturdays? Honestly. I'm hungry, and if I don't want to walk more than two blocks (which I don't), the only thing offered is McDick's. And it's CLOSED ON WEEKENDS. And I'm at Joel's, by the way. At home, I'd just pull something out of the fridge.

How did I get to Joel's you ask? Well, it all started yesterday at 5. My dad picked me and my brother up to go to a baseball game... It was fun. The Knights had a guy named Pedro, and the Lynx had a guy named Napoleon. It was HILARIOUS. I was right behind home plate, so I kept yelling random crap like, "VOTE FOR PEDRO!" and "PEDRO OFFERS YOU HIS PROTECTION!" at Pedro, and "MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD!" and "FLIPPIN SWEET!" at Napoleon. I'm sure they appreciated it. Oh, and the Lynx won 5-1. Awesome.

Then, I went home, and went to Joel's to drop stuff off, and then to Kyle's! I haven't seen Kyle in forever. And I love his place. It's a splittownhousethingy... Two houses smooshed together. Anyways, the neighbours are a couple of guys who are awesome. I spent part of the night in their basement with Kyle's roommate, Michelle, watching Chappelle Show. Sadly, I can only remember one of their names... There was Ian... and I can't remember the other one. Oh well. The others nearly left without me, but they didn't. Yay cell phones!

So, went back to Joel's and fell asleep and then woke up this morning, and played Peasant's Quest and watched Strong Bad, which I haven't done in forever. And soon, filming.

Also going on today: Cabinet choices. oooOOOooo. Hee.

I'm really, really hungry.
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oh my god weekend i love you.

So today... Blerg. I don't know. In SAP (as Katie called it, and now, so am I), we got yet another extension on our summative. And apparently, Pitre is telling everyone how amazing I am. :P I am going to KILL the essay question on the exam. See, people, that's what you do. You do really well for the first half, and then you can slack off in the second, because the teacher already loves you. :P

In drama, there was some INTENSE drama. This is how it basically went:

Her: You broke up my brother and his girlfriend!
Him: Well, considering that he broke us up (read: Him and brother's girlfriend used to date), that wouldn't be as bad as you're saying it is. But I didn't do anything.
Her: You told her that he was staying up later when he told her he was going to sleep!
Him: If I wanted to break them up, wouldn't I make up a better lie than that?
Her: Whatever. They were in LOVE.
Him: You don't even know the whole story. So don't make comments.

So. So. Dumb. And, as a note, I'm not going to explain everything that went on there (I know... because I am awesome), but she is just being a gigantic bitch about it because he refuses to break a promise to someone, which would 100% clear his name. It'll come out eventually... but still... it's retarded.

In World Religions, we started Buddhism. It's pretty cool. And once I was done the work, I studied for my math test, which I had next. I think I did okay on most of it, but I think I failed the Application section. I hate tests.

Also, yet ANOTHER threat of strike by a bunch of people, including secretaries this time. Which means skipping will not get caught. Also, all playoff games will take place during school hours, which means I get to miss even MORE school. THAT'S how cool I am. Hahaha.

Yarr... People should just relax and take it all in stride because none of this will matter in two years, and if you make a big deal out of it, you'll look back and regret it.
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Today was good and bad back and forth all day.

I burned my finger on my hair straightener this morning. :(

In drama, my group was being all... well... dramatic. Friend problems and such, so we got nothing done.

Presentations were postponed in Psych. Yay!

Started financial math. So easy.

Rugby game was INTENSE. First ten minutes, Lee gets hit in the head, he's dizzy, and has to come off the field, but goes back on... Thirty seconds later, he gets hit in the head again, and gets a nice inch long gash on his forehead. And I had to clean it up. Oh god, so gross. Blood just makes me... squeamish. So, Lee went to the hospital to get stitches. And then, Fabbro broke his nose. He was on the ground, and not moving, and so I got to run out on the field with the med kit, and gauze and there was SO MUCH BLOOD. And, I'm talking gobs of blood on the kleenex he had... I nearly puked. But I didn't! And Baird called me Doc. And the boys won 20-0, so they're in first place.

On the busride home, Dave sang to me. Mostly because he likes singing and everyone else was throwing stuff at him, and I gave him a dollar. Hahaha. It was hilarious, because everyone else was getting pissed off.

Then, came home, did my media summative part. Still have to do my Spanish summative tomorrow, but... uh... whatevs.

Um. I'm watching Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. I could lie and say the psychology is what interests me... but... I don't know man. It's addictive, this whole celebrity thing. It's also nice to see that without all that makeup, she actually looks pretty average. :P Gives me hope, or something. Okay, I'm bullshitting. I'm just being entertained.
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Friend's page spammmm!

Comment and I will tell you something, some sort of physical feature or habit, mannerism, whatever, that I've always noticed about you.

Also, I will pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture using the mighty MS Paint. You have no say in what I draw for you! Yay!
Then put this in your journal along with the picture I drew for you.
Julia is AWESOME! )
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Okay. So, people who watched American Idol tonight will understand.

When Bo sang acapella... Well, I realized near the end of the song that I wasn't breathing. :P When I got lightheaded. I was too busy staring at Bo being gorgeous and soulful and... man. It was so goddamn hot.

Dear Bo,

If you show up before Constantine, I will have your children.


EDIT: Also, am I the only person who's kind of amused that SARS is getting its own movie?

Commercial: "This is a dress rehearsal for something bigger, something much worse."
Me: "What, like the common cold?"
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