Mar. 22nd, 2005

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Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I hate wisdom teeth. Why are they called that? They haven't given me wisdom! The only thing I've learned from them so far is that regular set of teeth + 2 = JAW PAIN AND SWELLING. >.< Well, it's not super bad. It aches once in a while quite a bit, and swells, but then reduces to a minor ache without the swelling. But it goes back up again, so it sucks. I want them to leave me alone now. BYE TEETH.

Anyone remember how a long time ago, I was talking about how I aced my chem test? We got it back today. TOTALLY aced it. Hahahaha. And then, my teacher told people NOT to come ask me for help because I did like four steps per line 'cause I was too lazy to write it all out, so he thinks I wouldn't be able to help people... You know, that whole thing about not being able to teach if you know something too well? So, basically... 100% on a test, and no retards coming to ask me for help. It was GOOD.

Once again, I realized how glad I am I'm not taking Spanish next year. We got a handout, and the instructions were to circle the verbs in future tense. So, because I'm smart and it's much easier, I start highlighting. Can anyone tell me why my teacher bitched at me for highlighting instead of circling? I told her it was easier, and easier for me to read, and it drew more attention to the words. She told me to follow instructions, and then called me a "rebel without a cause" and then started singing to me. Yes, singing. About how I was a rebel without a cause. In Spanish. So then, she went away, and I started circling, and she told us that we'd better understand the words we were circling. I go, "Uh oh, that's not in the instructions!" She ignored me. Hah.

Work bit the big one. I told them that I was going away this weekend, so I couldn't do my shift on Saturday. Thus, I only have 8 hours this week instead of the 15 I'm technically supposed to have, but this is the first week that's been in place. So, they tell me I have to work extra next week. To make up the hours, I basically have to work four hours a day from Tuesday to Sunday. I wouldn't have a problem with this if I didn't feel like shooting myself after two. My mom's not letting me work all those shifts, so she's going to complain. Hurrah!

I wish I had a Burger King in my house. I have coupons, but no BK. :(


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