Feb. 23rd, 2005

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Today was that good/bad that's really bad when you look back on it, but not so bad while it's actually happening. Well, parts of it was. But anyways.

I lost all of my matches today. All of them. I felt so bad, because I was so pumped. I was ready to go to OFSAA. And now I'm not going. I honestly cried after losing my second match, because that I had to win that match to get there, and I lost it... gah. Just bad. Then I lost my next match by points and time (has never happened to me before, actually), and the time ran out just as I was getting something started, finally. If I had had thirty more seconds, I probably would have pinned her. And then I went into hypoglycemic shock, and couldn't move for about twenty minutes. Glenn almost had to carry me over to the bleachers, and then I sat with my head between my knees trying to eat without puking... Somehow, when your body REALLY needs food, it REALLY doesn't let you eat properly. Retarded. So, today sucked for ME. However, three of the people from my team are going to OFSAA... Sarah in grade 9 (who is going to be freaking AWESOME by the time she gets to grade 12), Chris and Jon. I wish I was going.

I'll just do club all summer and come back next year and win it, right? >.


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