Feb. 9th, 2005

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Okay. Today was decent. :P Okay, it was good.

Talked about Bernardo and Homolka in Psych today. Gah. Made me want to puke a bit. Not that we went into major details, but I know a lot of the case and all that, and so I felt sick.

Crosset was back today for drama. Got our parts for the summative. I play a superhick! :P

FINALLY got to sit down and eat lunch without having to do a million other things.

World Religions, got pissed off at computers, pwned a Christianity quiz (hahaha, obviously) and got irritated at Danny for no good reason.

Math, found out we have a test on Monday, and I don't understand a damn thing about this unit. >.< Well, no. I understand the graphing bit. But I'm so screwed on radians and shit.

Went to the weight room after school, screwed up my left thumb a bit more. Now, the entire side of my hand hurts when I move it.

After that, I came home, and got an interview for tomorrow at a telemarketing place. So, I might call you during dinner. :P

Tomorrow, going to the interview and then Joel's, Friday, I need something to do during the day, and then Mike Evins at night, Saturday, off to Bailey's, Sunday, homework. That's my weekend, in a nutshell.


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