Jan. 1st, 2005

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Happy New Year! It's weird seeing 2005 at the top of the entry.

So, last night I went to Shawn's. It was fuuuun. There was a lot of rap, though, until Jody showed up, and then we made everyone listen to techno. Oh, and Daisy (Shawn's sister) and I forced everyone to listen to Backstreet Boys, and then sang along quite loudly. Hahaha. Joel was mah New Year's kiss, and it was good, because he and his family showed up like fifteen minutes before midnight. We watched the countdown on CityTV, and then I led everyone in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for 2005. Hahaha. I went to sleep around 2am, and then woke up, looked at the clock, and saw 1:30. I freaked, as I was supposed to be home by noon, then got all my stuff together, and then checked the clock again. I had only seen one part of the 8. >.< So I went back to sleep until 10:30, at which point I bussed home. I waited at stations for a total of 48 minutes on the way home. Plus, I think I waited for about 10 minutes for my first bus. Which means I waited almost an hour. It usually would take me about half an hour to get home. >.<

And today? Sat around, played solitaire, watched hockey, and then napped for a couple of hours. Then my mom woke me up for dinner, and here I am. USA and Sweden are playing now. 1-0 Sweden. Yarrrrrr.


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