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It seems I only post here when crazy things happen to me.

Last night, closing Second Cup. Around 10, this guy walks in. We tend to get homeless people who come inside to warm up and try and get a cup of coffee. All of the ones I've had in have been harmless, and just sat in a corner by themselves, so I don't particularly mind it. This guy, however, I knew right away I should have kicked him out. He sat down next to this girl and started talking to her while she was on her phone. And he, at points, touched her arm and grabbed her wrist. She was laughing it off, though, so I decided not to kick him out at that point. Should have kicked him out when I knew he wasn't going to buy anything, but I didn't.

He came over and started talking to me. As soon as he got within 5 feet, I could smell the alcohol. It was bad. He started talking about how it was his anniversary, and he had to walk to the West Island, and he used to work at Second Cup, and wanted coffee, etc. I tried to just get him to go away by ignoring him, mostly. Eventually, he did. Should have kicked him out then.

About five minutes later, I looked over where he was sitting, and he had a knife. He was flipping it around, acting like he was going to slit his own throat or wrist, making stabbing motions at the window, all sorts of things. So I freaked. Panic is a weird thing. Fight or flight kicks in, but I could do neither. There was no way I was approaching a drunk guy with a knife, and there was no way I was leaving the cafe. First thing I did, for some reason, was call my friend who works there, and ask her what to do. She said call the manager. I did, and he called 911. Within four minutes, the cops showed up. Seven of them. I almost cried, I was so relieved. Two came over to talk to me, and the others started searching him. They started asking me questions, especially about the knife. I realized I hadn't really seen it all that well, so what if it was one of the pens he was taking from people, and I just thought it was a knife? Or what if it was a butter knife? But nope, they found a knife on him. He was arrested, for being drunk, and my manager came in to help me close.

I guess all's well that ends well, but... I'm afraid to work now. I'm worried he's going to come back and recognize me and be pissed off. Cops told me to call 911 immediately if he ever showed up again, not to wait and see if he was going to do anything, so at least I have that recourse. But still... I'm not looking forward to closing tomorrow.


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