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Today was preeeetty good.

Chem, we did pretty much nothing. :P

Media, I didn't hand stuff in, we worked on sentence fragments, and now we're doing body images. Yay!

I spent the afternoon planting trees! Woo! I = awesome. :P I planted one tree and watered a lot more and kicked dirt in holes. :) I'm cool like that.
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Today was a good day... Got out of class at 1:30 for rugby. Also, did my world religions summative today, so I got to hang out with Mista Leach. It was awesome.

Anyways, the boys won rugby, 10-5! Yay! That means they're in the playoffs, yay!

Uhh... I have nothing else to say. Joel, if you're reading this, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU OH MY GOD IMPORTANT.

EDIT: Watching Farenheit 911...

"The world now, after 911, has changed. We are no longer safe." -Bush

Right. Because, before 911, the States was 100% free of terrorist threat. There was no threat of terrorist attack on September 10th. Hah.
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Best Family Guy moment EVER:

Peter falls on Joan Cusack and kills her. "Uh oh." He looks around, and stuffs her in a mailbox. BEAUTIFUL!

Last night, went over to Greg's and watched the Cowboy Bebop movie. Definitely awesome. I've been running around saying, "It's a lympholympholymphocitolymphocitocito" a la Ed. <3

Today, I finished my World Religions summative. Definitely proud of it. It ended up being 14 pages long. I am AWESOME.

Now I'm at my mom's house... We're in the middle of a mad game of Monopoly. I'm winning. Hee. My brother wanted a break to watch Trailerpark Boys. Meh.

EDIT: Also, Peter's seeing eye dog is named Brutus. This makes me happy.
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Bandwagon! Bandwagon! Bandwagon!

Postal Service stuck in my head. If Sara can use the Dolls, I can use the Postal Service. (note: if you don't like the band, me no care. hahaha)

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Updaaaaate time!

In Psych, Pitre cut down some of my summative book for me... A lot of it is syntax and boring crap like that, which doesn't apply to the course AT ALL. Blah. I want to just read another book this weekend... I could do it, too. But noooooo.

After school, I went to work. Did NOT want to go to work. It didn't end up being so bad, though... The first half hour was spent with Sean telling us that they're cracking down on quotas, and explaining the new survey. Then, we went through the test mode for 15 minutes. Then, we called for an hour and a bit... And then it was break time. After break, I got a little more time because there was no where to sit. And then at my new place, the phone was crap and static-y. So, first I got Aidan to try and fix it with tape, but it didn't last. So he brought Sean over, and they worked together to fix it better with tape. And I asked, "How many supervisors does it take to fix a phone cord?" And Aidan and I talked about Nintendo. And then it lasted for a bit, but ended up sucking royally... So Aidan came back and we talked about dentists and wisdom teeth. He's definitely my favourite supervisor. Also, I discovered that when you call Northern Canada (all has the same area code), the 1-areacode thing sounds like the first four notes of Frere Jacques. And Aidan ripped the ass of his pants. It was hilarious. So, all in call, I called for about two and a half hours. :P

Tomorrow, the only class with any point to it is Chem, in which I have a quiz. Media is more filming, Spanish is summatives, and English is watching a documentry I've seen in Media. :P I want to find out if I can skip the rest of the day... but I don't know.

EDIT: Oh yeah. And another thing I thought of while reading the bathroom walls:

"In an anarchic society, those who write political messages on the bathroom walls without truly understanding what they mean will be the first to die. Or when I become ruler of the world. Whichever comes first."
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What up in da hizzooooouse?!

Hahaha, go me.

Anyways. Today was... meh, pointless. Sort of. Organic nomenclature is EASY. Media was reading 1984. Spanish was doing about half the work I was supposed to, and finishing 1984. English was (guess what!) discussing 1984. :P That book is really, really good. I mean, really. I want to read it again. I want to read from the beginning and pick up on all the foreshadowing and understand it all.

After school, it was my GAP interview. It was better than I expected. It was less competitive than I'd been led to believe. The people were really nice and all that... But I have no idea if I have a chance. There were about 10 people, and the interview took about 2 hours, and they'd been going since early in the morning for the past two weeks... Yeah. Lots of people. I hope I get a spot...

I work tomorrow night and Friday night... and then Saturday, minigolfing! :P So awesome.
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So, I've now resolved to ALWAYS carry a pen with me when I go to the washroom at school.

I saw on the wall, someone had written, "SLIT YOUR WRISTS LET THEM BLEED". No punctuation. And all scratchy, like she'd gone over the letters like six or seven times, just to show how emo she is. I really, really wanted to write, "omgomg u r soo emo omg [star] [star] [spiderweb]"

Maybe put a star in the 'o' in 'emo' so that it was like a pentagram, just to show how being emo was rebelling against the system.

Anywho. Tomorrow is my interview at GAP. Mais said she would lend me her skirt, but I have a sneaking suspicion she's smaller than me and it won't fit. :P

Also, Canada beat Ukraine 2-1 in hockey today. Hurrah!
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Today was vaguely uneventful. :P I mean, there was a rugby game... but I'm all bitched out about that. So, I'll tell you the short version: Ref sucked, Ashbury won because of a bullshit call at the last second. *sigh*

So, I have an interview at GAP on Wednesday. Eep. I have to get to Rideau for 5pm... and interviewness... and it's a GROUP interview. Gah. I've heard they suck a LOT. I'll just have to look extra pretty.
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Okay, so best song ever... I heard it on the radio on the way home from downtown with my mom.

> >
> > Chorus:
> > Well now, Stalin wasn't stallin'
> > When he told the beast of Berlin
> > That they'd never rest contented
> > Till they had driven him from the land.
> > So we called the Yanks and English,
> > And proceeded to extinguish
> > Der Fuehrer and his vermin,
> > This is how it all began.
> >
> > Now the devil was a-readin' in the good book one day,
> > How the Lord created Adam to walk the righteous way.
> > It made the devil jealous,
> > He turned green up to his horns,
> > And he swore by things unholy,
> > That he'd make one of his own.
> >
> > So he packed his two suitcases full of grief and misery,
> > And he caught the midnight special going down to Germany.
> > Then he mixed his lies and hatred with fire and brimstone,
> > The the devil sat upon it,
> > That's how Adolf was born.
> >
> > Now Adolf got the notion that he was the master race.
> > And he swore to bring new honor and put mankind in its place.
> > So he set his plans in motion and was winning ev'rewhere,
> > 'Til he up and got the notion
> > for to kick that Russian Bear.
> >
> > (chorus)
> >
> > Yes, he kicked that noble Russian, but it wasn't very long,
> > Before Adolf got suspicious that he had done something wrong.
> > 'Cause that Bear grabbed the Fuehrer and gave him an awful fight,
> > Seventeen months he scrapped the Fuehrer,
> > Tooth and claw, day and night.
> >
> > Then that Bear smacked the Fuehrer with a mighty armored paw,
> > And Adolf broke all records running backwards to Kharkov.
> > then Goebbels sent a message to the people ev'rywhere,
> > That if they couldn't help the Fuehrer,
> > God don't help that Russian Bear.
> >
> > (chorus)
> >
> > Then this Bear called on his buddy the noble fighting Yank,
> > and they sent the Fuehrer running with his ships and planes and tanks.
> > Now the Fuehrer's having nightmares 'cause Der Fuehrer knows darned
> > well,
> > That the devil's done wrote "Welcome" on his residence in Hell.
> >
> > (chorus)

Love it. Also, Last Page of Mein Kampf = awesome. Must download these WWII songs.
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I know these guys.

Jon, Robert and Devon (filming, and at the very end).

They go to my school.


EDIT: Also? Bailey rules, people. For an early birthday present, I get to sleep with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp whenever I want.

She got me a PotC blanket. And shirt.

I feel so fangirlish. :D
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we should do deep muscle relaxation every friday last class. becuase... dude.

so nice.
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Cinco de Mayo! Wooooo!

What went on today? Lesseee.... Nothing particularly thrilling. At lunch, Chris, Zack, Tony, Stefan and I drove up to DQ's, only to realize no one was actually buying food, so we drove back to school and played football. :P And everyone made fun of me throwing like a girl. Hah.

So, when you say something like that, and then basically ignore me for two days, but when you DO talk to me, it's something similar to what you said before... What does that mean?

(not about anyone who reads this... unless they do without my knowledge... but people might know what I'm talking about.)
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It's strange how things can make you feel older and younger all at once.
Older, because it's a new part of life, a whole new stage, and someone around you is experiencing it.
Younger, because I realize that I definitely would not be ready to take that step. I don't know what I would do if faced with something like that. And I don't know what to do with even this one. It's also because I realize really, how my life can be changed so quickly. In, literally, a split second.
Yeah. I don't know. Everything is just really, really huge.

(so that was cryptic. :P)
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I have to stop hanging around with the guys.

I eat more when I hang out with guys. And blerrrrrg.

I should start working out again.
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Weekend! )

This morning, I had drama first. It felt so pointless after the musical. :P

In World Religions, I basically spent most of the class talking to Mr. Leach about my summative. What's banned, etc. It was so much fun. I miss having Leach as a teacher. Yeah.
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Oh man. SO TIRED.

It's almost 11. I just woke up. Guess how many hours of sleep I got?


I love Joel and Jody's. :P

The new Amitywille Horror wasn't great, but it had its moments, and some of the images were pretty good... yep.

Tonight is Mike Evin. Thus, I have to go home and SLEEP. once I get enough energy to go home.
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Drama Summative is DONE! )
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American Idol rant... Two weeks in a row! )

67's won, though.

Also. Hanging out with Adam and Mark "ruins my shit". As Mark would say. This is a good thing.

Nicky Nicky Nine Doors on Sandra and Matt, who are dating. So, Mark runs, and knocks on the door. He runs back to Adam's car. Adam and I are in the front seats, slumped as low as possible in case someone comes outside. No one does. We're disappointed. So, I gave Mark my cell, he called her house, and started doing the creepy heavy breathing thing, but failed because he laughed. And then Matt came outside, but Adam and Mark were talking. I go, "ADAM! GO!" He goes, "What?" He notices Matt as he gets to the car. So, Adam sits up, readjusts his seat, and the wheel, and by this time, Matt's reached Mark's half open window, and said, "What do you want?" Mark says, "Nothing..." And Adam peels away. IT WAS BRILLIANT.
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Random stuff )

Hrm. So... Today was just.. bah. With the musical a mere two days away, I've gotten into that place where every once in a while, my heart starts to pound, and I'm really nervous. :P Lighting was okay at the dress rehearsal, but it was super disappointing, because I KNEW what I wanted to see, and didn't get the time to set it up. :( Oh well. Crossett gave me ONE pointer on the dress rehearsal tonight. ONE. It's good, because it means I did really well... but it's also bad, because I might make stupid mistakes on Thursday that I didn't make tonight.

EDIT: Letter to Orlando Bloom re: appearance in Kingdom of Heaven.

Dear Orlando Bloom.

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