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Booooooooo. Carrie won. *sigh* Not Bo. I love Bo. BUT. I got to see Constantine sing again today. I've missed him sooooooo a lot. Hee.

Still say it's a race between Constantine and Bo. Whoever gets here first, I will have his children.

So, today was pretty decent. I woke up at about 10, ate waffles, and then watched Saved!. Such a funnyass movie. I loved it SO much. Rare that I like a happy ending like I liked the ending in that movie. :)

And then I went downtown to meet Sofie, Erica and Shawn. On the way, I walked by my school, and the teachers were just hanging out in the back. :P Ghobril had his car parked at the back, and the trunk was open, and the music was blaring. :P So funny.

Anyhow, I met those lovely people. Sofie belted Happy Birthday to me on Rideau street. :P AND I got a Dinky Dino. But I think it's about to die... it went to bed hungry. UH OH.

Anyways. I came back home, and then tanned, and it was LOVELY. And then it was dinner (uneventful), and then dessert. Uh oh. Our ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins had dust all over it. It was really, really gross. So, we took it back, and the guy was a total asshole. He tried to take another cake out of the fridge and show us that it wasn't covered in dust, which must mean our cake wasn't either. Uh, yeah. That's like giving us a car with a dent in the door, and then showing us another car that doesn't have a dent in it, and claiming that it means our car is fine. The dust was visible. So, we got our money back, but no apologies. And then we went to DQ and got a cake and it was delicious.

Um, yeah. So, that's about my day. Tomorrow, I have to go to school. Aw. BUT there's a rugby game tomorrow, hurrah! GO COUGARS WHAT WHAT!
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