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So, there was a story in the news today, I don't know how many of you read it.

There was this Dutch priest who used to be a pilot in WWII. He was actually shot down, and lost an arm, but he didn't go home. Instead, he was a doctor to both Allied and German soldiers on the front line.

After the war, he was ordained, became a priest, etc. And then he became really involved in philanthropical works, especially in Africa. He actually went there, and was visiting these people who had to work in these mines for pennies a day, and he was inside the mine when it collapsed... It had sulfur in it, and he lost an eye, and became marked with these purple things all over his body.

The Roman Catholic Church would not let him run for Pope.


They didn't want a one-eyed, one-armed, flying, purple papal leader.

Har har har.

So. Schools close on my birthday due to a strike. You might all be thinking, "Damn, I wish that happened to ME!" No. No you don't. I am SO screwed as far as exams go. Okay. So, it might be nice to have some time to work on summatives... but at the same time, all the sports teams are gone, we're losing out on time for review, and all that crap... Bah.

And it really sucks, because guess what? You think the school board is hurt by the fact that we can't go to school? You think they're really going to give a huge shit? No. No, they don't. How long are we going to be locked out for?

I wonder if there's a way to get teachers to do stuff by correspondance... Maybe I'll ask tomorrow.

EDIT: Also... Why do the schools have to close the day AFTER most of my life is due?
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