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Okay. So, after the midgits post, I'm going to make a semi real one, but it's sort of stream of conciousness sometimes I think.

Why are ANY McDonald's closed on Saturdays? Honestly. I'm hungry, and if I don't want to walk more than two blocks (which I don't), the only thing offered is McDick's. And it's CLOSED ON WEEKENDS. And I'm at Joel's, by the way. At home, I'd just pull something out of the fridge.

How did I get to Joel's you ask? Well, it all started yesterday at 5. My dad picked me and my brother up to go to a baseball game... It was fun. The Knights had a guy named Pedro, and the Lynx had a guy named Napoleon. It was HILARIOUS. I was right behind home plate, so I kept yelling random crap like, "VOTE FOR PEDRO!" and "PEDRO OFFERS YOU HIS PROTECTION!" at Pedro, and "MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD!" and "FLIPPIN SWEET!" at Napoleon. I'm sure they appreciated it. Oh, and the Lynx won 5-1. Awesome.

Then, I went home, and went to Joel's to drop stuff off, and then to Kyle's! I haven't seen Kyle in forever. And I love his place. It's a splittownhousethingy... Two houses smooshed together. Anyways, the neighbours are a couple of guys who are awesome. I spent part of the night in their basement with Kyle's roommate, Michelle, watching Chappelle Show. Sadly, I can only remember one of their names... There was Ian... and I can't remember the other one. Oh well. The others nearly left without me, but they didn't. Yay cell phones!

So, went back to Joel's and fell asleep and then woke up this morning, and played Peasant's Quest and watched Strong Bad, which I haven't done in forever. And soon, filming.

Also going on today: Cabinet choices. oooOOOooo. Hee.

I'm really, really hungry.


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