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Today was good and bad back and forth all day.

I burned my finger on my hair straightener this morning. :(

In drama, my group was being all... well... dramatic. Friend problems and such, so we got nothing done.

Presentations were postponed in Psych. Yay!

Started financial math. So easy.

Rugby game was INTENSE. First ten minutes, Lee gets hit in the head, he's dizzy, and has to come off the field, but goes back on... Thirty seconds later, he gets hit in the head again, and gets a nice inch long gash on his forehead. And I had to clean it up. Oh god, so gross. Blood just makes me... squeamish. So, Lee went to the hospital to get stitches. And then, Fabbro broke his nose. He was on the ground, and not moving, and so I got to run out on the field with the med kit, and gauze and there was SO MUCH BLOOD. And, I'm talking gobs of blood on the kleenex he had... I nearly puked. But I didn't! And Baird called me Doc. And the boys won 20-0, so they're in first place.

On the busride home, Dave sang to me. Mostly because he likes singing and everyone else was throwing stuff at him, and I gave him a dollar. Hahaha. It was hilarious, because everyone else was getting pissed off.

Then, came home, did my media summative part. Still have to do my Spanish summative tomorrow, but... uh... whatevs.

Um. I'm watching Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. I could lie and say the psychology is what interests me... but... I don't know man. It's addictive, this whole celebrity thing. It's also nice to see that without all that makeup, she actually looks pretty average. :P Gives me hope, or something. Okay, I'm bullshitting. I'm just being entertained.
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