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So yeah. After my Friday night, it was Saturday. And on Saturday, Mike Evin was playing at Nostalgica. So, we got there at about 9, and Mike was supposed to go on at 10. There was an African band playing, and it was really good, and there was dancing and such. But our group wasn't really into it right away. :P At 10, Mike wasn't there, and we were all worried. And another band went on at about 10:45. The drummer was really really hot. His name is Phil. Anyways, Julie and I went to talk to Avi (the bassist for Mike), and asked him, and he said Mike was there... But they weren't playing... it was upsetting. But the band that did go on, with HotPhil, was really good and funky, and I can't find their name anywhere. All I know is that they play Tuesday nights. And I want to go see them play again. :P And I shotgunned Phil at the beginning of the night, but Carly didn't respect the shotgunning. Not that I really care THAT much. But he's really hot. :P Mike didn't go on before we left, but we got a personal apology, so that was awesome. :)

Then, Sunday was Blue Rodeo. Awesoooooooooome. So loud and crazy... I saw Crossett there. It was good. We were row 40 on the floor. And they had a dancing section, and TWO encores. And I totally lost my voice. It's back now (came back at lunch) but I couldn't talk at all this morning. And... man. So good.

So that was my weekend. Today comes after the cut.

This morning, I had drama first. It felt so pointless after the musical. :P

In World Religions, I basically spent most of the class talking to Mr. Leach about my summative. What's banned, etc. It was so much fun. I miss having Leach as a teacher. Yeah.


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