May. 20th, 2005

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oh my god weekend i love you.

So today... Blerg. I don't know. In SAP (as Katie called it, and now, so am I), we got yet another extension on our summative. And apparently, Pitre is telling everyone how amazing I am. :P I am going to KILL the essay question on the exam. See, people, that's what you do. You do really well for the first half, and then you can slack off in the second, because the teacher already loves you. :P

In drama, there was some INTENSE drama. This is how it basically went:

Her: You broke up my brother and his girlfriend!
Him: Well, considering that he broke us up (read: Him and brother's girlfriend used to date), that wouldn't be as bad as you're saying it is. But I didn't do anything.
Her: You told her that he was staying up later when he told her he was going to sleep!
Him: If I wanted to break them up, wouldn't I make up a better lie than that?
Her: Whatever. They were in LOVE.
Him: You don't even know the whole story. So don't make comments.

So. So. Dumb. And, as a note, I'm not going to explain everything that went on there (I know... because I am awesome), but she is just being a gigantic bitch about it because he refuses to break a promise to someone, which would 100% clear his name. It'll come out eventually... but still... it's retarded.

In World Religions, we started Buddhism. It's pretty cool. And once I was done the work, I studied for my math test, which I had next. I think I did okay on most of it, but I think I failed the Application section. I hate tests.

Also, yet ANOTHER threat of strike by a bunch of people, including secretaries this time. Which means skipping will not get caught. Also, all playoff games will take place during school hours, which means I get to miss even MORE school. THAT'S how cool I am. Hahaha.

Yarr... People should just relax and take it all in stride because none of this will matter in two years, and if you make a big deal out of it, you'll look back and regret it.


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