May. 17th, 2005

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Today was preeeetty good.

Chem, we did pretty much nothing. :P

Media, I didn't hand stuff in, we worked on sentence fragments, and now we're doing body images. Yay!

I spent the afternoon planting trees! Woo! I = awesome. :P I planted one tree and watered a lot more and kicked dirt in holes. :) I'm cool like that.
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Okay. So, people who watched American Idol tonight will understand.

When Bo sang acapella... Well, I realized near the end of the song that I wasn't breathing. :P When I got lightheaded. I was too busy staring at Bo being gorgeous and soulful and... man. It was so goddamn hot.

Dear Bo,

If you show up before Constantine, I will have your children.


EDIT: Also, am I the only person who's kind of amused that SARS is getting its own movie?

Commercial: "This is a dress rehearsal for something bigger, something much worse."
Me: "What, like the common cold?"
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Friend's page spammmm!

Comment and I will tell you something, some sort of physical feature or habit, mannerism, whatever, that I've always noticed about you.

Also, I will pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture using the mighty MS Paint. You have no say in what I draw for you! Yay!
Then put this in your journal along with the picture I drew for you.
Julia is AWESOME! )


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