May. 12th, 2005

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Updaaaaate time!

In Psych, Pitre cut down some of my summative book for me... A lot of it is syntax and boring crap like that, which doesn't apply to the course AT ALL. Blah. I want to just read another book this weekend... I could do it, too. But noooooo.

After school, I went to work. Did NOT want to go to work. It didn't end up being so bad, though... The first half hour was spent with Sean telling us that they're cracking down on quotas, and explaining the new survey. Then, we went through the test mode for 15 minutes. Then, we called for an hour and a bit... And then it was break time. After break, I got a little more time because there was no where to sit. And then at my new place, the phone was crap and static-y. So, first I got Aidan to try and fix it with tape, but it didn't last. So he brought Sean over, and they worked together to fix it better with tape. And I asked, "How many supervisors does it take to fix a phone cord?" And Aidan and I talked about Nintendo. And then it lasted for a bit, but ended up sucking royally... So Aidan came back and we talked about dentists and wisdom teeth. He's definitely my favourite supervisor. Also, I discovered that when you call Northern Canada (all has the same area code), the 1-areacode thing sounds like the first four notes of Frere Jacques. And Aidan ripped the ass of his pants. It was hilarious. So, all in call, I called for about two and a half hours. :P

Tomorrow, the only class with any point to it is Chem, in which I have a quiz. Media is more filming, Spanish is summatives, and English is watching a documentry I've seen in Media. :P I want to find out if I can skip the rest of the day... but I don't know.

EDIT: Oh yeah. And another thing I thought of while reading the bathroom walls:

"In an anarchic society, those who write political messages on the bathroom walls without truly understanding what they mean will be the first to die. Or when I become ruler of the world. Whichever comes first."


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