Apr. 17th, 2005

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Yarr. So. My internet was down yesterday and this morning. My dad calls tech support. The cause?

He was cleaning his desk and unplugged the modem.

I was amused a lot.

So yesterday was the Cabinet meeting. On the bus ride over, I was freaking out internally. :P I thought everyone was gonna be like, "Who are you, and why are you here? *shunshunshun*" But it went well.

After that, I attempted to help Greg clean up but didn't do a whole lot. Except take the dog they're caring for out for a walk. And then I got a ride home, and then it was Rob's birthday party, so I got to serve. So much fun. My sister taught me how to pour wine properly, and I was careful to pour the DD's root beer like wine. He loved it. :P

After everyone left, Mark and Zack came over. I kicked their asses at pool. And then we watched SNL. And they tried to drag me out to Perkins at 1am, and I said, "RETARDS. My father is not going to let me out of the house!"

They left, and I went to sleep. Woke up about three times this morning, and I would take the blankets off, and intend to get up, and then fall asleep again. Good times.

So yeah. That's where I am now. Hurrah!

EDIT: Amused by a protest chant from California.

"Hey, Governer, take a stand!
Don't be a corporate girly-man!"


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