Apr. 13th, 2005

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Today was a zillion times better than yesterday. :P

School was a shorter day, because of extended homeroom so we could do a survey, in which I finally got to say that my principal sucks. :P

This afternoon, went to the oral surgeon. Need all four wisdom teeth out. I'm somewhat amused that the pamphlet that would usually be intended to make me feel better about the surgery tells me how I will hurt, bleed, swell and maybe be numb for life. Hah. I was also amused by the fact that one of the consent forms made me consent to any tissue or bone removed during the surgery being thrown out. :P "No, actually, I'd like to keep the clumps of gums and teeth that you take. I might get hungry on the way home."

Letter to Darwin. )
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Anyone who watches [livejournal.com profile] wtf_inc will understand. You see, they have things that aren't safe to look at when you are at work. Thus, NSFW comes up a lot. Not Safe For Work. I was at the dentist's office today, and saw something on a flyer that said, "NSF". First thought that popped into my head... "Not safe for WHAT?!"

Oh, and I had to call a supervisor today to leave my availability? Er. Steve (guy who called me the first time) hadn't mentioned anything to Quinn (supervisor). Quinn had no clue why I was supposed to leave my availability with him. It was funny. :P


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