Apr. 10th, 2005

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Irony kicks my ass. :P

Work today was stupid, as usual. After I left work, though, my mood skyrocketed. It was GORGEOUS outside today. So I walked around to Rideau, and then cut through, and saw Phil! It was fun. Caught up a little, and then got on the bus. On my way home, I saw Greg at St Laurent. One of the Gregs on my list anyhow. The one who was waiting for a bus at St Laurent today, clearly. However, he didn't notice me. *tear*

Got home, ate dinner, and then James picked me up in the Beamer. It was cold, but we put the heat up and the top down. So fun. Bowling was hilarious. I lost three out of four games. But still bragged that I won one game. :P And then we went downtown and sat by the Rideau Canal, and watched the ice. We were talking about how he's slowly corrupting my mind, and how his years in a hockey locker room helped him along.
James: I especially like playing with sixty-year-old men.
Sarah: *snort*
Sarah: *dies for about five minutes*
James: Honestly, though, they are the dirtiest grampas ever.
Sarah: So.. you love playing with dirty grampas? *dies some more*
Good times. Then, he drove me home... we took the long way. And drove fast. So fun. I love beamers.

And now I'm home.
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10. Traditional

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There are things I wonder about but could never ask about. :P [/cryptic]

So. What do I plan to do today? Make those extra questions Diana needs... watch the news... I've recently become a CNN half-viewer. As in, it's on while I'm on the computer. Keeps me informed.

I wish it was the summer...

EDIT: Random question for Americans on my list... How much is Terry Fox known in the States?


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