Mar. 31st, 2005

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Oh man.

James is Premier for OYP next year, so he needs a scandal.

He's decided I will be his scandal.

But we need defences.

Thus, it'll happen after I get my wisdom teeth out, so I'll be hopped up on painkillers, and he'll come over and get drunk (as he's legal drinking age and can do that), and the headline will read: "Drunk Premier Does Drugged Up High-Schooler".

See? Our parliament is EXACTLY like the real one. ;)
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Oooh, cabinet applications!

So I need to think about which three cabinet positions I'd want.

Since most of you don't care about fake parliament... )

Today was good, yes. Homeroom was classic. My teacher, Kitay, was telling people to take off their hats during the national anthem, and I was like, "Sir, take off your ha- Oh wait, that's your FACE." And then we set up our prank on Mr. Leach for tomorrow. And I told him that he loves Duran Duran. He kept insisting he didn't, but I told him good. And then I wrote "Mr. Kitay <3 Duran Duran" on the board, along with PLO (which means Please Leave On).

Psych was funny at points. We were talking about serial killers (wait, wait, that's not even the funniest part!) and Pitre was talking about how the only way these people can feel adequate, because most of them are insecure, etc., is to kill people. So. He starts to sing. "I can't get no satisfaction... unless I kill you." Brilliant.

Kitay apparently saw me with my hand up in world religions. He said, and I quote, "You were looking around as if challenging people to try to talk before you. I was so proud. I like to think my homeroom class helped with that."

In math, I made Mr Somers do one-handed pushups. So amusing. And he did them with his left hand, after which this conversation ensued:
Somers: I know something you don't know.
Me: What's that?
Somers: I'm not left handed.
Me: There's something I should tell you.
Somers: What?
Me: I'm not left-handed either.
And then there was this nod and we're-so-awesome look exchanged, and everyone was confused except us, because Princess Bride is awesome.

After school was choreo for Hootin' Hoedown. Yes. There is a song in our musical called Hootin' Hoedown. So, go see it. April 28th, free. Anyways. It was fun, I had energy a lot.

Went to Joel's after, and it was a good time. I hadn't seen those people for a few weeks. Yep.

So, for tomorrow... school, work. Anyone want to do something after? Please? I'm off at nine. Not for super long, just for a bit. w00t.


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