Mar. 9th, 2005

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Past TWO days, huh?

Yesterday, went to school... In drama, I was the first person forced to sing their solo sans voice accompaniment while dancing... SO offkey. >.<

Then, later on, I had an interview at Mexx, which I pwned!!!11!one I think, anyway. She said she was going to contact my references. Yay! Then I went to work, and actually made the projected quota. That's right, on average, I got 1.6 surveys per hour! I am AWESOME! :P

Today... Spent media listening to pitches, and then decorated the class. AWESOME. In chem, I did the entire practice test within fifty minutes. Hurrah! At lunch, I found out I get free Timbits tomorrow. Yay! English was spent on more Death of a Salesman and discussing with Mercedes Ontario Youth Parliament confusion. :P Spanish, went to a music performace by the band. The best part of the whole thing was when the band played Pizzicato Polka, at the beginning, the guy hits the drum as hard as he can... and there was this wave of jumps and girly shrieks. HILARIOUS.

Went to work tonight. Got pissed because I didn't have time to go to McDonald's, buy my food and eat it before I had to get back to work. :P I also had this guy be really rude to me, and he pissed me off. I started in on my script, and he starts pressing buttons, and then says nothing. I could still hear stuff in the background. I said, "Hello?" And he said nothing. After a pause, he goes, "You still there?" I said, "Yes..." he said, "GOOD! 'Cause I'm not!" and hung up. HONESTLY. If you're going to hang up on me, don't waste my goddamn time trying to piss me off first. It's a good thing we don't get more information on these people... :P I also got a girl who used to be an interviewer, so she was good at it, and I got a local number, and was super excited, but no one picked up. :P So... yeah. That was work tonight.

wristwristwrist (JOKING!) but people don't have to read this in fact it might disappear )


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