Feb. 15th, 2005

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Well, I was SUPPOSED to go to East Finals. But at 5:30 this morning, they (they being the supreme powers of bus) cancelled ALL bus service. NOW. This doesn't affect me. My school is one of the ones that runs purely on public buses. And by 7:00, the ice on the roads had melted. What did it affect? Well, East Finals of course! They got CANCELLED. GAH. So I got to school at 8:15, found out it was cancelled, and had to go back home and get my books. So freaking disappointing. Even Ghobril was pissed off. So now, every wrestler in Ottawa is going to City Finals. That means we're going to be leaving from the school probably around 7:00 next Wednesday and getting back around 9:00? Maybe? Re. Tar. Ded.

Anyways. That was the WORST part of my day. The rest was somewhat better. For example, in homeroom, there was a picture on the board that looked like this:

Now, we were laughing at this, 'cause of the cow pusher. And then, we added something:

Hilarious. We even brought Mr. Leach in to see it, and he laughed his ass off. A short truce in this bloody war.

There was a brief power outage at about 2:00. Everyone was hoping the power would stay off, but no such luck. However, it DID mean that, because Zapata left making a quiz until the last minute, she lost all the work and we didn't have a quiz. :P Good times.

Tomorrow, I start work. Aiiie. Anyone in CANADA who gets a call tomorrow evening about a survey, PLEASE don't curse me out! plzkthxbai.


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