Feb. 12th, 2005

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Okay. So, although I would rather post about the best part of my day first, I'm going to go in chronological order. Because that's what monkeys do.

Woke up at 8:30 this morning. Not something I like doing on PD days. I got up, did about half my weekend chores, and then went to work.

It was training today. So boring. It took us two and a half hours so that he could explain the most minute details on what to do in certain situations. It was as stupid as, "If the respondant wants to talk to a supervisor, come and get a supervisor." I. Am. Not. Kidding. But, at least a guy from Stranger Still was there. It was funny. We bonded because our cubicles (yes, CUBICLES) were next to each other for training. It took so freaking long. BUT that means I made $36 today.

After that, I came home, bummed about, and then went to Cafe Nostalgica to see Mike Evin (www.mikeevin.com).

Well, we (Julie, Janelle, Mike [not Evin] and I) got there around 8:00, and the show was to start at nine. We sat around drinking tea and eating nachoes (and you DID say "nah-choes") for a long time. We figured Mike wasn't showing up for some reason, but then I overheard someone say they forgot the drums (but really, it was drumsticks), and so I relayed this information to the group, and we stuck around.

Once they had started to set up, Julie and I went to watch at the front. We got the place right in front of his piano. It was awesome. They were so down-to-earth, it was like they were a band from the university. It was so cool. And then the music started. SO FREAKING AWESOME YOU DON'T KNOW. I love Soapbox Racer, but also If You Were My Girl and Danish Bullies. *sigh* I want him to come back now. And Julie and I got to sing some "sha-na-nas" in the mic!! And then at the end, they played Hey Jude, which everyone sang along to, and Boys Are Back In Town, which Julie and I got to sing for again. Well, sing/yell off key. :P But it didn't matter. It was awesome. We're actually thinking of making a monthly meet at Nostalgica, just because it's awesome. Yeah.

So. Mike Evin is AWESOME. I want him to come back. And he dedicated a song to our absent friend who painted him a picture. :P Dude. So cool. So great.


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