Feb. 10th, 2005

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Okay. I had a happy day. :P

Does anyone know that theatre superstition that says if you fall while going onstage, you'll have a good performance? So true, even in LIFE.

I was walking to school this morning, slipped, and tore up the heel of my right hand pretty good. The lady in the office was nice, and wrapped it in gauze as if I had broken it. :P Funny stuff. So, I went to Ghobril, showed him without telling him what happened. His face was freaking PRICELESS. I laughed quite a bit. And my hand didn't hurt that much, just stung and throbbed occasionally.

Half day, so I had Spanish and English in the morning. I managed to convince my Spanish teacher I couldn't write with my right hand (such a lie) so I did nothing all class except make feeble attempts at writing with my left hand so she would think I was telling the truth. :P And she told me about the times SHE fell on the ice, and I was like, "Okay."

English was poetry. Retarded. Why can't we just read the poem and say what we take out of it rather than analyzing every sentence?

After that, went to my mom's to get stuff, went to an appointment, and then my job interview, which wasn't so much an interview as it was the following:

Quinn: This is the job. Do you want it?
Me: Yes.
Quinn: Training is tomorrow at noon.

Due to my PD day, I can go to training. :P It's awesome.

Then I went to Joel's, we ate McDick's, and played Gunbound. So addictive. www.gunbound.net.

And now I'm here, hoping a specific person will log on so I can ask them if they're going to a specific deal tomorrow night. :P No, he doesn't read this. Hah.


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