Jan. 27th, 2005

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Tea was good today. The doll made a toast, celebrating my recent award. He set the table dancing, and the mouse got on top of it, and danced as well. The teacups smashed and the tea made a fountain. It turned into warm leaves on the way down, and showered us all.

One of the leaves grew and the frog and I were borne upwards into the clouds. On a lovely fluffy cumulus, there was an orchestra playing a waltz. The dolphins were dancing, and I joined in, with the prince as my partner. The cloud flew through the sky, through rainbows and sunshine, until we came to land upon a mountain.

I rode a slide from the top of the mountain to the bottom. The slide was red and smooth. It turned, and flipped and corkscrewed. I landed on a soft mushroom, and slid off onto an ostrich. The ostrich ran over a pond, barely touching the lilypads. On the other side, the ostrich flew over the chickens. I dismounted, and we (the ostrich and I) danced with the leprechaun around his stew.

I rolled down the hill, and right back to my own house. The mouse, the rabbit, the turtle and the pancake were there, and they had dinner made. And now I'm here.


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