Jan. 4th, 2005

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Go down the Rabbit Hole on January 27th!

Today was SUCH a good day. Like, SUCH a GOOD. DAY. I don't even know why, but it WAS.

So this morning, went to school, and did airbands. We were the BEST. Everyone said so. I was so proud. :P S Club 7, we've done you justice! (which actually isn't that hard... but ANYWAYS)

Anthro, we're getting into psych, which is good. We were talking about Freud, and his theory about the id in all of us, and I was SO interested, because it had EVERYTHING to do with why there was this male dominated society, and how our morals get placed in us (don't get mad at me, this is Freud, and he's on the nurture side of nature vs nurture)... It was really really interesting for me.

Lunch was samba, and we're learning a new song, and it's semi-complicated, which makes me HAPPY.

Math was trig, which I can do, so it was good.

World religions, starting on Christianity, and so I know what's going on. :P Also, talking about the effect Christianity has on our lives today, no matter what religion we are (i.e. laws, basic morals, even liquor stores!). Oh, and Danny told me to become a Muslim. :P

Wrestling was good, learned the cross ankles, which I've wanted to do for a while, and worked on defence, which I've needed to do for a while. :P PLUS, I found out that I acheived my New Year's resolution! I dropped a weight class! So proud of myself. I'm now in the 64kg category, and I'm 63, so I'm right at the top. GO. ME.
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Oh yeah, random quote from World Religions. Talking about the guest speaker for Christianity.

Ms. Wallace: "I may be able to get like the head guy-"
Me: *interrupts* "It's the Pope, isn't it?"
Ms. Wallace: "... of the United Church of Canada."
Me: "Oh."
Danny: "Hahaha, the Pope. He's from Italy."
Me: "Don't disrespect, or God will smite you!"
Danny: *waits* "He's a cookin' something?"
Me: "Like spaghetti."


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