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Activities: horseback riding, hikes, natur walks, camping, rollerblading, atv/snowmobil, snowboarding, boating, fishing ( but not to catch fish), hunting, extrem sports, adventure sports, sports on tv!...and who can forget the drinking that comes with "all of the above"

First: Nature has an 'e' in it. As does snowmobile. And extreme. Second: You like fishing. But not to catch fish. So... you like boating. Third: You don't like catching fish, but you like hunting? But I'll bet you don't like it for shooting animals. You probably just like sitting on your ass in the forest.

Favorite Movies: gladiator, independence day, walk to remeber, escape from new york, V for Vendetta i unno ill watch alot...will smith is great if i was a black man who wanted to be white id be will smith or chandler!:P haha

Capital letters are your friend. You discovered them in V for Vendetta. Did you know they can be applied to other movies as well? Also, 'unno' is not a word. 'I unno ill' makes no sense. Without the capital or the apostrophe, 'I will" becomes a synonym for 'sick'. And please note the bolded section. You are white. But if you were a black man who wanted to be white, you'd be Will Smith or Chandler. So, you're saying Will Smith wants to be white. Somehow, I don't think he's ever really come across that way. You're also saying Chandler is black. Considering the only 'Chandler' pop culture is familiar enough with to just use a first name is the one from Friends... he's already white. Um. Please make sense.

Favorite Quotes: live and die, might as well try,...ask me all my real stuff is from the lyrics ive wrote or from a select few songs

Gotta love the comma-ellipses tandem. And, again, capital letters. And apostrophes. And all your real favourite quotes? As opposed to fake favourite quotes? Other than lying about which ones are your favourite, I'm REALLY confused as to how you can have unreal favourite quotes.

About Me: i unno im pretty carefree...chillin and laidback
...nothing better than sitting back after a long day of classes or work and having a drink with a good meal....i consider my self to be one hella good chef, and i love to cook for others...

Again. 'unno'? Not a word. Neither is 'im'. And, to me, this section reads like a bad dating profile. "I love to cook for others"? Yeah.

And, finally...

Employer: military
Position: soilder
Location: anywhere, peterborough, Ontario
Description: i load em up and take em out

Wow. Just... wow. I don't have anything against people in the army. I don't think I'd ever be able to join up myself, but that's my personal view. But for someone to describe a job in the army as "i load em up and take em out" kind of... well, seems a little more homicidal than normal. I hope that's a joke, but it really doesn't come across as one. It comes across as "I like to kill people! Ask me how!"

...I get enough of this on Myspace.
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